Summer Lawn Care Service

Summer is here and this raises another concern for most people who own a lawn. As you may know, lawns require special treatment in summer, and you should start looking into it as soon as possible. The easiest option is to hire a landscaper and let them prepare your lawn for hot weather. However, if you decide to take actions on your own, here are some tips you might find useful.

One of the most important practices to prepare a lawn for summer, is to adjust the mowing height. Experts say that lawns should be mowed at heights around three inches. If you can’t figure out how much your mower is cutting, set it for the highest elevation. Most mowing machines have a maximum height of three inches. The main reason for cutting your lawn higher than usual, is because lawns maintained at higher heights, usually develop deeper roots. This will help a lot in the hot season.

Lawn sprinkler watering grassWatering is another concern that arises with the hot season. Most homeowners live under the impression that lawns must be watered abundantly during summer. This is not entirely correct. Most lawns in our area consist of cool-season lawn grasses such as Fescue, Ryegrass, Perennial, Bluegrass and Kentucky. These grasses usually go dormant in the hot season. This means you need to provide as much water as they need in order to stray green. However, you should not let your lawn become brown and then water it back to a green condition, as this stresses the plant.

The best time for watering your lawn is early in the morning or late in the afternoon. This allows the water to reach the soil before the sun evaporates it. As a general rule, lawns should be watered infrequently and deeply, applying about one to one and a half inches per application. For all other lawn care practices, such as seeding, fertilizing, etc. we recommend waiting until later in the season.

If you want to make sure your lawn stays green and healthy all summer long, hire a reputable lawn care service. T J's Lawncare & Landscaping is a great landscaping company. Located in Port Clinton, OH, they can take care of all your lawn care needs. If you need a true landscaper, call (419) 967-0442.




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